Review: Baby Driver (2017)

Fig. 1 Baby Driver (2017) Movie Poster

Baby Driver is the fifth feature film by Edgar Wright, who has quickly become one of the most popular Directors working today, due to how well-adored his previous films are, by both critics and fans alike - Those films being Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), The World's End (2013) and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010). So, does Baby Driver prove to be another success for Wright?

Fig. 2 Baby (Played by Ansel Egort)

In many ways, Baby Driver is very similar to Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 film, Drive. Both films include a mysterious, and often silent, protagonist, who is an extremely skilled driver. It is due to those skills that make him the right choice for when someone is needed to get others out of a certain situation. Unlike Drive, however, which was very serious and quite dark at times, Baby Driver is an incredibly fun film that features some of the best car chases in recent years. Like his previous films, Edgar Wright's style is clear to see, through the way it is edited, through the comedy - it is a very stylish film, to say the least.

It is, primarily, music that keeps the film going at such a consistent pace, and Edgar Wright is able to incorporate it within the overall structure magnificently. No song or piece of music is out of pace - every decision that is made here has clearly been considered, and it adds to the tone of each scene. It is due to the tinnitus that Baby suffers with as to why music plays such an integral role in the film. There are moments where Baby even goes so far as to select a specific song just so that it can play along with what we are watching. Ansel Egort gives a great, yet secretive, portrayal of Baby, and this makes him such an intriguing character. It is very clear how the events of the film are affecting him. He goes from this assured young man, to being quite afraid, and occasionally quite reckless - all this adds some to some incredibly tense scenes between him and the other characters. This is without a doubt, his best perfomance to date and will help him become a very popular actor.

Fig. 3 Debora (Played by Lily James) and Baby

The performances from all the lead actors are all very well done and consistent with one another. Each serves a purpose to the overall story -  no character seems out of place or unnecessary. The stand outs are definitely Kevin Spacey, who plays Doc, and Jamie Foxx, who plays Bats. Kevin Spacey is essentially the Boss character, who Baby is working towards paying back all the money that he owes. In some ways, it is a very typical Kevin Spacey role and performance. He is quite intimidating, but is always in charge. Jamie Foxx's character, Bats, can be seen as the biggest challenge for Baby, as he is very out of control and untrusting of the other characters. While both characters are somewhat mean and horrible at times, Spacey and Foxx are able to make their respective characters surprisingly likable - this demonstrates their strengths as actors brilliantly.

Lily James's character is called Debora and is the love interest of Baby. While her performance is also very strong, the overall romance between the two characters is where the film has it's main problems. It seems that after almost after no time at all, both Baby and Debora are very fond of each other, and their feelings grow quite unrealistically in no time at all. When Debora later becomes aware of Baby's life, there isn't much of a reaction. She doesn't question him and confront him, but she rather just goes along with it. There are moments when both Baby and Debora will tell each other to do something and they'll just do it, no matter what consequences there would be. 

Fig.4 Baby, Bats, Darling and Buddy

In conclusion, Baby Driver is yet another reminder of how good of a director Edgar Wright truly is. While some story elements don't quite work, it does take some story elements, that we have seen before, and makes them feel so fresh and unique. It is an incredibly fun experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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