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Review: The Disaster Artist (2017)

Fig.1 The Disaster Artist (2017) Movie Poster
The Room (2003) is often regarded as one of the worst films of all time. Due to its, to put it kindly, low level of quality it has gained a rather large following and is labelled as "so bad, it's good". There is so much to be asked about The Room on a technical level, but most of the confusion comes from its creator, Tommy Wiseau. Tommy is somewhat of an enigma as no one knows his origin or where he got all the money to fund the making of the film - an estimated budget of around $6million. As a result of his experience working with Tommy, Greg Sestero wrote The Disaster Artist, which gave some insight into what happened behind the scenes. In this adaptation, James Franco both directs and plays the leading role, as he aims to bring those behind the scenes details to a more mainstream level.
Fig.2 Tommy Wiseau (Played by James Franco)
Most would agree that, in terms of story, it shares a lot of similarities to Tim Burton's 199…

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